Reduces LDL cholesterol​

Improves Immunity​

Contains Genistein​

Prevents Diabetes​

Guidance of Scientists​

Improves Bone Health

Tasty yet Healthy​

Ready to Eat​

The thought of “eating right” and leading healthier lives has occurred to everyone at least once, but we are held back by the little kid inside us that only craves taste. This leads to us eating delicacies that satisfy the tongue but often harm the body. In the battle of taste versus health, health often ends up taking the knee but not anymore.

Our company, Soyuz was started not only to put forward healthier products but to end the dilemma of choosing between “tasty” and “healthy.” With purity in our hands and supreme quality assurance, we at Soyuz bring out a range of products that are living proof of the fact that healthy can be delicious.

All the Soyuz products are duly tested before they roll out of the production line and have been approved by some of the top chefs and the scientists at ICAR-CIAE, Bhopal.

As we like to say, it’s “Not just So So, it’s Soyuz”

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GMO Free

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100% Vegan



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Gluten Free


Lactose Free

Chef's Choice

Chef's Choice


No Add. Preservative

Made with 100% pure non-GMO soybeans, the Soyuz Soya Beverage is the epitome of health and purity. The drink is made with a specially curated formula and intensive precision to tickle your taste buds while offering you the health you deserve. Available in a variety of flavours, Soyuz Soya Beverage is your go-to drink for any mood.

Have a sip of pleasure

Weight Loss


Pure and Natural

Contains phytoestrogens

Good for Skin and Hair Health

Contains Omega-3 Fatty acids

Soyuz was built with a vision to achieve combined benefits for the society. Our products are made keeping in mind the unique and specific needs of everyone. If you believe in leading a healthier lifestyle, we can help you get there.

Our products are well accepted and appreciated by:

The ‘freaks’ in the gyms
The crazed little ones
The ‘work from home’ squad
The never resting
story tellers
The superwoman of every household
And the athletes inside all of us

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“Not just So So, it’s Soyuz”.