What exactly is a Soya Beverage?

Soya beverage is a plant-based alternative to dairy-based milk extracted from the precise blend of soybeans and water. Soya beverages have been a prime choice as a lactose-free drink for decades because of their high protein content and better digestivity.

Gone are the days when Soya beverages were only meant for the lactose-intolerant. With the new air of veganism, many of us can feel the nutritional benefits of soy. There are many reasons you would want to turn to soya beverages over dairy products.

Nutritional benefits of Soya beverage:

  • High protein
  • Low calories
  • High fiber
  • Low cholesterol
  • Less fat
  • Zero-Sugar beverage (Classic)
  • Essential amino acids
  • Made from 100% pure Non-GMO soybeans

At Soyuz, we offer beverages in four delicious flavors that will make you crave more and guilt less. Apart from the Classic variant, Soyuz Soya beverages can be enjoyed in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Coffee flavors as well.