Beverages combo

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    Soyuz Family Pack is not just another combo deal, it is an invitation into our ever-growing Beaner family. Packed together with all three Soyuz Tofu and all four Soyuz Soya Beverages, it is ideal for those extravagant family gatherings or those peaceful family dinners. It’s the best of Soyuz just…

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    This All-Star Beverage combo includes 1 unit of each flavour (Classic, Vanilla, Chocolate and Coffee). 1. A refreshing drink for your workout sessions 2. Can be your anytime healthy sip 3. Nutritious & Healthy – Contains all essential Amino Acids 4. 100% Plant-Based – Dairy free 5. Lactose-Free 6. Made…

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    This combo includes 2 units of both flavoured of Soyuz Tofu. The best on-the-go snacking solution in two varieties!