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    We’ve all heard that sharing is caring. At Soyuz, we give you a healthy way to just that. After all, good things are always better when shared. We present you with our Duo Pack, which comes with one Soyuz Tofu and Two Soyuz Soya Beverages of your choice. Perfect for…

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    Soyuz Family Pack is not just another combo deal, it is an invitation into our ever-growing Beaner family. Packed together with all three Soyuz Tofu and all four Soyuz Soya Beverages, it is ideal for those extravagant family gatherings or those peaceful family dinners. It’s the best of Soyuz just…

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    We know you treat your bodies like temples and that takes efforts. Hence, to take some load off your shoulders, Soyuz presents a multi-pack Gym Lovers’ Combo with all three of our Tofu. Filled with nutritious ingredients and added goodness with no extra preservatives, the Gym Lovers’ Combo is perfect…