• 196
    1. Enriched with Proteins
    2. Sugar-free snack
    3. No Additives
    4. No Beany Odour

    Dehulled Soybean, Purified water, and Coagulant.

    Weight: 200 gm

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    Soyuz Family Pack is not just another combo deal, it is an invitation into our ever-growing Beaner family. Packed together with all three Soyuz Tofu and all four Soyuz Soya Beverages, it is ideal for those extravagant family gatherings or those peaceful family dinners. It’s the best of Soyuz just…

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    We know you treat your bodies like temples and that takes efforts. Hence, to take some load off your shoulders, Soyuz presents a multi-pack Gym Lovers’ Combo with all three of our Tofu. Filled with nutritious ingredients and added goodness with no extra preservatives, the Gym Lovers’ Combo is perfect…

  • 177
    1. Made with the Freshness of Vegetables
    2. On-the-Go Snacking Solution
    3. Contains essential Amino-Acids

    Dehulled Soybean, Purified Water, Coagulant, Carrot, Coriander, Ginger, Capsicum, Tomato, and Green chili.

    Weight: 200 gm

  • 177
    1. Made with a touch of Indian Spices
    2. Ready to eat
    3. Helps in Weight Reduction

    Dehulled Soybean, Purified Water, Coagulant, Jeera, Coriander, Ginger, and Green chili.

    Weight: 200 gm

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    This combo includes 2 units of both flavoured of Soyuz Tofu. The best on-the-go snacking solution in two varieties!

With an unwavering commitment to freshness and a precise attention towards taste, each block of Soyuz Tofu is prepared so that our customers can experience it on a whole new level. We take immense pride in our humble range of products, indulging upon an unmatched quality that is bound to turn you into a Beaner for Life. Our work reflects a profound sense of passion and union with health that will make you want to choose Soyuz time and again.

What exactly is Tofu?

Tofu, also called Soy Paneer, is basically a processed soybean curd coagulated to make a lactose-free cottage cheese. It has been a popular plant-based protein source that is enjoyed in different cuisines around the Earth, especially in East Asia.
Nutritional benefits of Tofu:

  • Low Calories
  • High Protein
  • High Fiber
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Less Fat
  • Sugar-free Snack
  • Essential Amino Acids
  • Made from 100% pure Non-GMO Soybeans

At Soyuz, we take this healthy source of protein a step further, elevating it both in taste and quality with our Sabz-e-Soyuz, Classic Tofu, and Shah-Jeera Tofu.